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Sturdy site security fencing to protect your premises

In cases where there is a dangerous or abandoned structure, site security fencing is often required. Otherwise known as site hoarding, this is a temporary structure made from timber or metal, obstructing people from being able to enter the site in question. At ClearGen Environmental Services, we have more than 30 years of combined experience in our industry, and we are the people to consult when it comes to securing a site against entry. We prioritise health and safety in the services we offer to commercial clients, and our qualifications and accreditations speak for themselves. To get in touch regarding your queries about site security, including barbed wire and anti-climb paint, call us on 0333 577 0535.

What components are included in
temporary security fencing?

Site security can include a variety of components, ensuring that people can’t enter a certain area. This could be because it is dangerous, such as areas under construction. Site security can include:


These timber or metal structures prevent people from being able to enter a site or area, ensuring that construction sites or dangerous premises are left untouched.

Anti-climb paint

Anti-vandal paint can be painted on a structure, deterring people from climbing it as it leaves a slippery and greasy surface.

Barbed wire

Barbed wire can be used on top of hoarding to ensure people are unable to climb over the security structure. This is an extra precaution that can stop your site from being breached.

Temporary Heras fencing

Temporary Heras fencing is a mesh metal structure that is lightweight yet secure. It protects and secures building sites and anywhere else that needs site security.

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When might you require site security?

There are multiple instances where you may require site security from our operatives. These may include:

  • Working on construction sites, where the site needs to be separated from areas open to the public. This is for public safety and to ensure the construction site isn’t tampered with.
  • Abandoned and dangerous structures that people may attempt to explore – this can lead to injury where the buildings are unsafe. The site security will hinder people accessing the site.
  • Festivals and events, to create structured areas where otherwise there wouldn’t be any.

Consider hoarding signage for your site

As well as installing site security hoarding, our experienced team can also brand the hoarding with signs. Whether these are instructional signs or signs that advertise stakeholders, our team can ensure that your message is communicated effectively. Our work is to the highest standard, and our clients’ satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

What else can we offer?

Site security isn’t the only service we can offer you – our commercial clients often find that they also require the following services:

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Working with
the ClearGen Environmental team

At ClearGen Environmental Services, our team prioritises our clients at every stage of the process. We provide our services all over England and uphold the highest standards. Working with us, we can guarantee…

A team of reliable operatives

Our whole team is beyond trustworthy, and our daily jobs involve going to extra lengths to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Together, we have more than 30 years of combined experience.

Vast comprehensive services

We have a comprehensive range of services, meaning that we are the reliable team to carry out any kind of environmental service your commercial company requires.

Environmentally conscious

Our processes are intended to be environmentally friendly, and we limit the use of chemicals to when they are strictly necessary. Instead we use specialist equipment such as a DOFF steam cleaning system.

In line with health and safety

All our projects are carried out with the right qualifications and accreditations to keep us safe. We prioritise the health and safety of both our team and the public, and our operatives are trustworthy and fully trained.

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