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Block management services from skilled professionals

If you own a large scale commercial property, it could benefit you to invest in block management for environmental services. Properties such as schools, blocks of flats, office buildings, warehouses, and more can reap the advantages of having a trustworthy company to manage their building and handle all their maintenance needs. Here at ClearGen Environmental Services, we are the people for the job. Our team has more than 30 years of combined experience, and we are ideally equipped to offer quality environmental services. Our qualifications and accreditations contribute to our high standard of work. To enquire about the block management services we can offer, get in touch with us on 0333 577 0535.

What is included in our block management service?

All our environmental services that we offer are included within our block management service. Whether your property is an office building, a hospital, or a block of flats, there are bound to be frequent needs for our services. Some of the maintenance services your building could benefit from include:

Roof cleaning and recoating

Roof cleaning and recoating can ensure your roof is durable, preventing you from having to invest in a replacement for your commercial property. Saving you time, money, and hassle are key benefits of block management.

Steam cleaning services

Our DOFF steam cleaning system creates clean surfaces, using high heat and low pressure rather than chemicals. We can provide regular steam cleaning to clean your bin stores and remove gum, grease, or organic matter.

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Why will block management benefit my business?

Block management allows your business to rest easy in the knowledge that you have a reliable company on hand, ready to provide any environmental service you could need. The benefits you could experience are:

24/7 availability

Your large-scale building may require around-the-clock assistance. Our team provides block management on a 24/7 basis, ensuring that we can provide the right solution, no matter the request. We can even help in an emergency.

Regular building maintenance

The regular maintenance of a building can ensure that there is no build-up of dangerous or risky materials, such as organic matter like mould and mildew, or materials such as asbestos. This can be beneficial for health and safety.

A trusting professional relationship

By working with the same company for every environmental service you could need, you can be secure and confident in their abilities. Building up this trusting relationship will make you confident in every result.

What else can we offer?

Within our block management service, you can experience every service that you need. This could include:


Providing our services all over England

There’s nowhere we can’t go. No matter where your commercial property is, we will travel throughout England to provide you with high-quality services that will benefit your building.

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Why choose to work with ClearGen Environmental Services?

Working with our team will ensure that you are guaranteed positive results every single time.

A reliable team of operatives

Every member of our team is skilled and qualified, as well as being knowledgeable in our industry. We prioritise our clients at every step, going to extra lengths to ensure you are happy and receive seamless services.

A comprehensive range of services

We have a wide range of environmental services, and we love being able to provide our clients with this variety. Our skillset is this wide due to our reliable experience and training – you won’t have to find another company.

Conscious of caring for the environment

Our services are environmentally friendly – we limit the use of chemicals as a last resort. We have water management systems which regulate our use of water, allowing us to consume fewer resources.

Health and safety aware

Our team has a range of qualifications and insurances that allow us to work safely, such as being trained in working from height and with dangerous machinery. This training allows us to ensure the safety of our clients also.

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