Commercial stone and brick cleaning
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Commercial stone and brick cleaning

Moss, dirt, and carbon deposits will build up on commercial stone and brick work over time, detracting from their appearance and eventually leading to issues. We provide an efficient and highly effective commercial stone and brick cleaning service in Sevenoaks, as well as all over the UK, that will return these surfaces to pristine condition, even from paint and graffiti. This allows our commercial clients to look after their premises and make a positive first impression on visitors. Our operatives offer a range of tried and tested approaches to clean properties thoroughly and meet their unique requirements, no matter the scale of the job. To get started, speak to a member of our team on 0333 577 0535.

How does our commercial stone and brick cleaning service work?

No two properties are ever exactly the same, and neither are the materials used in their construction. Our approach is tailored to the specific needs of each project, ensuring that we can always achieve a high-quality result. Whether you require sandstone cleaning, limestone cleaning, natural stone cleaning, or brickwork cleaning, we can remove even the most stubborn build-ups.

Steam cleaning

We can use a DOFF steam cleaning machine to initially rid the surface of organic growth.

Pressure washing

Using a pressure washer, we can clean the surface at both high and low pressures.

Hand tools

We can clean delicate surfaces using hand tools such as wire brushes, scrapes, and extendable poles.


Biocide-caustic bleach can be used as a last resort to remove stubborn dirt, growths, and stains.

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Commercial stone and brick cleaning in Sevenoaks: Our range of equipment

Our most frequently used piece of equipment for commercial stone and brick cleaning is the DOFF steam cleaner. This is a non-abrasive method which won’t damage the underlying surface. It’s also kind to the environment, using low pressure with high heat to avoid the use of chemicals. This machine can remove organic growth and staining as well as paint and grease. We also have specialist equipment for removing carbon deposits. All our operatives are IPAF trained, allowing them to work at height safely using MEWPs and scaffold towers when access is needed. Our clients can have complete confidence that we possess the equipment, accreditations, and expertise needed for their project, with a limited impact on the environment.

What else can we offer?

Our services are comprehensive, covering a lot more than just commercial stone and brick cleaning. We’re here to ensure your property is in pristine condition, without impacting the environment or your operations.

Providing our expert services all over the UK

At ClearGen Environmental Services, we can provide our services all over the UK. No matter where your project takes us, we are happy to offer our expertise. We have experience in working in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas, and also frequently travel to the north of England for commercial projects. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Why work with our commercial stone and brick cleaning company?

When searching for someone to clean your commercial stone and brick work, you should prioritise finding a reliable team. Here at ClearGen Environmental Services, we are professional at all times.

Trustworthy services

You can have peace of mind that our team is trustworthy. We have more than 30 years’ combined experience, ensuring the services we carry out are always practiced and controlled. Our operatives conduct themselves professionally so that our clients are comfortable having us on site.

Comprehensive expertise

As you can benefit from a wide array of services from our team, you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of looking for additional contractors. This saves time, costs, and allows you to work with a single team that fully understands your project requirements.

Environmental awareness

Our services are designed to be kind to the environment. We try to keep chemicals to a last resort option, using a DOFF machine with an approach that negates the need for them. We drive an electrical vehicle to many of our jobs, limiting our environmental impact.

Compliant operatives

We’ll barrier off our working area and will ensure that the appropriate control measures are in place for each project. Our fully trained operatives understand the importance of health and safety and follow safe practices at all times. You can rely on us to ensure all work is totally compliant.

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