Asbestos removal
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Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal can seem daunting. The dangers of asbestos are widely known, and this can make homeowners or businesses worried about the risk within their building. Here at ClearGen Environmental Services, you no longer have to worry. We have more than 30 years of combined experience handling NNLW (notifiable non-licensed work) asbestos removal in Kent, as well as the entirety of the UK, ensuring that there is no trace of dangerous fibres left in the space. Using controlled and practiced methods, our team are the experts at containing and removing asbestos. We will ensure that your building doesn’t pose a threat to your health and safety. Give us a call on 0333 577 0535 to get started.

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How do our asbestos removal services work?

Exposure to asbestos fibres can be dangerous, potentially leading to health issues. That’s why it’s imperative that removal is left to the experts. Here is the process that will be taken once you get in touch with our team on 0333 577 0535 or via


We will discuss your requirements and ask you for information regarding the asbestos in your building. You may be asked to take pictures of the site that needs attention.


We will conduct an analytic report and risk assessment, ensuring that we are prepared for the removal or containment of asbestos. This will check that the project meets the NNLW criteria.


Our team will create an enclosure around their working area to minimise risk to the public. If the asbestos is difficult to access, we will ask you to clear the building so that we can operate safely.


The asbestos will be removed and disposed of responsibly. We will supply you with a waste consignment note for your records, signed off by the transfer station to give you peace of mind.

Professional asbestos removal: Our specialism

Disposing of asbestos is our speciality. Asbestos is typically found in roofs or garages, as well as in ceilings and floor tiles. If left unattended, it could pose a risk to those within the building, causing long-term health issues. Our team of experts will create an enclosure around the affected area to contain any fibres whilst we are working. Utilising specialist equipment such as a Class H vacuum cleaner, respirators, power tools, negative pressure units, and more, our team will safely remove or contain the asbestos. It will be securely bagged in asbestos waste sacks and taken away to a suitable transfer station.

Encapsulating asbestos

An alternative solution to asbestos removal is encapsulation. This process contains the asbestos and leaves it in situ rather than removing it entirely. Encapsulation is completed by coating the area with ET-150 paint – a sprayable vapour barrier coating – sealing the asbestos fibres behind a protective layer. You can then continue your day-to-day operations, safe in the knowledge that your building is safe from asbestos for a 12-month period. An asbestos sticker will be placed beside the area, ensuring that other works can be conducted with the knowledge that asbestos is present. Encapsulated asbestos must be reassessed on an annual basis to ensure the coating is intact and effective.


Encapsulation eliminates the danger that asbestos poses to a building’s inhabitants by containing it underneath a protective layer of encapsulation paint.


Leaving the asbestos in place can be more cost-effective, particularly if the affected area is hard to access. It also creates less disruption than a full removal service.


Almost any type of asbestos can be encapsulated, whether it is found within pipes or floor tiles. This makes encapsulation a suitable option for buildings with multiple forms of asbestos.

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What else can we offer?

Asbestos removal often goes hand in hand with the other services that our team can offer you, particularly soft-strip demolition. If we encounter asbestos during your refurbishment project, we will be able to deal with it as part of the process. We also offer:

Why choose us over other asbestos removal agencies?

You may be finding it difficult to decide on a company you trust to carry out asbestos removal. Allow us to put your mind at ease – these are the reasons why working with our operatives will benefit your home or business.

Reliable and trustworthy

Our team is reliable and trustworthy without fault. We have more than 30 years of combined experience, allowing us to dispose of asbestos from buildings, garages, and ceilings safely. Professionalism is an important element of our non-licensed asbestos removal work, giving our clients peace of mind.

Comprehensive services

Working with us gives you access to an extensive range of services. Avoid the hassle involved in finding alternative companies, and benefit from comprehensive services that are of the highest standard. By working with a single team, you can be confident that your requirements are fully understood.

Environmentally friendly

One of our priorities is the preservation of the environment. We ensure that asbestos is disposed of correctly and we save the use of chemicals when cleaning until the last resort for stubborn cases. Our conscientious approach, as well as our use of an electric vehicle, ensures that we cause minimal environmental harm.

Certified and compliant

Compliance and health and safety measures are vitally important, especially for works involving asbestos. Our team is fully trained to carry out NNLW asbestos removal and will ensure that all the appropriate control measures are in place to minimise risk. You can rely on our operatives to be safe and responsible.

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