Diamond core drilling
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Expert diamond core drilling services

Diamond core drilling is a specialist service, providing the option to drill a cylindrical hole without the mess caused by percussive methods. At ClearGen Environmental Services, we offer this specialist service using the most reliable tools and with a team of experienced professionals. Our circular drill has a hollow centre, reinforced with an interchangeable, varying range of diamonds to create holes ranging from 10mm to 900mm and up to 1000mm in depth. Whether you require this service to assist with an M&E fit out, to provide pipe runs, or improve ventilation, we are the reliable team to come to. With more than 30 years of combined experience, you’re safe in our hands. Give us a call on 0333 577 0535 to get started.

What is diamond core drilling?

The diamond material within the drill bit allows holes to be cut cleanly in a large variety of materials, from concrete to iron. As a non-percussive method, it produces minimal mess and dust and also is accompanied by a water management system. This water management system cools the drill bit and flushes any residual dirt away from the material. The water is then recycled into the machine, ensuring an environmentally friendly approach. Our mounted rig allows us to carry out diamond drilling on any scale, providing convenient services for your commercial property.

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What are the benefits of
diamond drilling services?

There are countless benefits to diamond core drilling, and as a specialist service it can be incredibly sought after. If you’re curious about the benefits of diamond drilling for your commercial property, they include:

Maintaining the structural integrity of the material

Due to the minimal vibrations being produced, the process creates almost no damage to the surface of the material being drilled. This is particularly helpful when electricity is being run through a commercial property after the structure is complete, as minimal work will have to be conducted afterwards.

Minimal dust and noise

The lack of vibration and dedicated water management system ensures that there is minimal dust and disruption throughout the process. This is an important benefit for commercial premises such hospitals, schools, and office buildings where avoiding downtime is often key.

Variation in the scale of projects

Our mounted rig gives us flexibility in the jobs we can complete using our diamond core drill. By holding the equipment in place, we can ensure straight lines every time and can even drill at an angle of up to 45 degrees, giving you options when it comes to the work that needs completing.

Environmentally friendly

The combination of the diamond drill technology and the water management system makes this an environmentally friendly option. There is minimal water wastage and yet the technology still allows a top-quality service, with the water contributing to the low amount of debris.


Who could use our diamond core drilling service?

A range of industries will be able to gain from our diamond core drilling service. All kinds of commercial companies and properties can make use of the service, such as:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Large scale car parks
  • Mechanical and electrical services

Working with a variety of commercial industries has allowed us to hone our service, meaning we are able to provide everything that you need.

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Our experienced team at ClearGen Environmental Services carry out diamond core drilling to the highest standard. Get in touch to speak with someone about your requirements on 0333 577 0535, or email enquiries@cleargen.co.uk.

What else can we offer?

We provide a range of environmental services that your commercial company could find useful. From stone and brick cleaning to asbestos removal, we offer it all:

Why work with
our reliable diamond drilling company?

Working with our team at ClearGen Environmental Services for diamond core drilling will award you with services to the highest standard. We value customer service extremely highly and ensure that all our clients are satisfied. Working with us throughout England, you will experience…

Our team of professionals

Our team of operatives are reliable and trustworthy, always going the extra mile to provide a stellar service. We have more than 30 years of combined experience in the industry, which is valuable for our clients.

A wide range of services

Our range of services is entirely comprehensive, meaning that you won’t have to find alternative companies for each of the services you need. We can provide everything you need, from site secure fencing to patio cleaning.

Conscious of the environment

Our processes are designed to be environmentally friendly. Once we remove a sliver of the desired material, we will dispose of it responsibly, trained in hazardous waste removal. We even have electric vehicles to minimise our environmental impact.

Focused on health and safety

Health and safety are so important in our industry. Our operatives are fully trained and accredited, ensuring that all safety measures are met during our diamond core drilling service. We will be equipped with all the required PPE.

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