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Asbestos removal in Bromley

Asbestos removal is something that customers can sometimes get nervous about. There are dangers in having asbestos in your property that can be disconcerting, but this is where our asbestos removal service in Bromley can come in. The removal of asbestos requires professionals, and our team at ClearGen Environmental Services is experienced and practiced in controlled removal methods. We have a range of environmental services that can benefit your home and commercial building. Our safety-conscious approach ensures that your asbestos removal is conducted expertly. To discuss your requirements with experts, call us on 0333 577 0535.

Asbestos removal services in Bromley: Our process

Asbestos in your home or commercial building can be dangerous, and exposure to asbestos fibres can lead to various health issues. You may be wondering about our asbestos removal process in Bromley and how to get started.


After you have contacted 0333 577 0535 or to discuss your requirements, we will ask for information regarding the asbestos in your property. We may ask for pictures of the site.


We will conduct an analytic report and risk assessments at your property, ensuring our team is prepared for the removal and containment of asbestos. These reports ensure the safety of your building and our team.


We will create an enclosure around the site where the asbestos is, and we may ask you to leave the building to ensure your safety whilst we remove the fibres.


We will use our range of techniques to remove and contain the asbestos in your Bromley property, after ensuring the area has been secured safely. We will ensure that there are no fibres left over that pose a risk to health.


We deliver the asbestos to a transfer station, disposing of it responsibly. You will be given a waste consignment note for your records, which is signed off by the transfer station.

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We will ensure the safety of your home or commercial building, making sure there is no threat to those inside. Call us on 0333 577 0535, email, or complete our contact form for a response within an hour.


Professional asbestos removal in Bromley: Encapsulation

Typically, asbestos is found in garages and roofs. Asbestos roof removal and disposal will ensure that your property or garage is safe to be lived in, without the risk of harmful fibres being released and breathed in. However, there is an alternative to the removal of asbestos, which is encapsulation. This is the process of containing rather than removing the asbestos in the site. We coat the area with a specialised coating, sealing the asbestos within the surface. This layer protects the Bromley building from being affected by the asbestos. This is a safe and secure option and is an affordable alternative to removal.

Our alternative services

At ClearGen Environmental Services, we have more than 30 years of combined experience in the industry. We provide comprehensive environmental services so that you don’t have to spend time searching for more than one company to provide you with their expertise.

Environmental services we offer


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To benefit from an asbestos removal quote and some expert advice from our experienced professionals in Bromley, call us on 0333 577 0535 or email We can visit the site and let you know what action is required to guarantee the safety of your building.

Your asbestos removal agency in Bromley:
Why to choose us

It’s important that you trust the company you elect to carry out your asbestos removal in Bromley. You should be confident that your home or commercial building is in the safe hands of an asbestos removal company. We keep our values in mind on every job we carry out in Bromley.

A trustworthy team

Our team has more than 30 years in the industry – we are trustworthy, and our services are practiced. We will make informed decisions about what is best for your home or commercial property, tailoring our services to your building and requirements. We are an unwaveringly professional team, and build great relationships with customers.

All-encompassing services

Our comprehensive services provide anything you could need, from one singular company. Our services range from demolition to patio cleaning, and we are the experts to offer you the services to the highest standard. This could result in saved costs, as you won’t have to invest in varying services from multiple companies.

Environmentally friendly

Reducing our environmental impact is a priority for us, and we take this into account on every job. We will take every length to not use chemicals, leaving them as a last resort option for stubborn cases. Our services are tailored to your home or commercial building, and we do so whilst thinking about the environment.

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Our asbestos removal in Bromley could be the solution you need. Get in touch with our expert, professional team on 0333 577 0535 or email We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.