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Asbestos Removal Sussex

Asbestos removal in Sussex

The process of asbestos removal often triggers concern among clients. Nevertheless, ClearGen Environmental Services is well-equipped to handle this issue efficiently. With our diverse array of environmental services, we strive to heighten the safety standards within properties in Sussex. Our experienced team is skilled in implementing a controlled and secure method of asbestos removal. Rest assured, our safety-driven approach guarantees a proficient asbestos removal process. If you require expert advice and assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 0333 577 0535.

Asbestos removal services in Sussex: Our process

The presence of asbestos in your domestic or business premises can pose substantial threats to health, potentially resulting in a variety of medical issues. Learn more on how our expert team adeptly manages removal of asbestos:


To initiate a discussion, contact us at 0333 577 0535 or email us at Please provide us with all the relevant information pertaining to the asbestos in your property. Images highlighting the affected area would provide us with a better idea.


We’ll carry out thorough examinations and risk appraisals at your site, ensuring that our team is well-prepared for the secure extraction and confinement of asbestos.


We’ll construct a barrier around the specific site housing asbestos. To minimise any exposure during the fibre-removal procedure, we may suggest temporary evacuation for your safety.


By employing an array of approaches, we will undertake the removal and containment of asbestos in your Sussex property. Our thorough procedures ensure the elimination of any remaining fibres that could pose a risk to your health.


We transport the asbestos to a transfer depot, handling its disposal in an environmentally responsible manner. You’ll receive a waste consignment certificate for your records, endorsed by the transfer depot.

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ClearGen Environmental Services ensures safety while considering the environment. Call us at 0333 577 0535, email, or use our contact form for a prompt reply.


Professional asbestos removal in Sussex: Encapsulation

Garages and roofs often house asbestos, posing a risk to safety. Our asbestos roof removal and garage disposal services ensure a hazard-free living environment, preventing the release of harmful fibres. Encapsulation serves as an alternative method, where the asbestos is contained using a rubberised paint, safeguarding the Sussex property. This affordable option provides a secure alternative to complete removal, ensuring the safety of the building.

Our alternative services

ClearGen Environmental Services specialises in comprehensive environmental solutions, sparing you the trouble of engaging multiple firms. With a cumulative experience of 30+ years, we provide exemplary services in Sussex, such as:

Environmental services we offer

Asbestos Removal Sussex

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Our team will inspect your site and advise on the necessary safety measures for your structure. Contact us at 0333 577 0535 or for an asbestos removal estimate and expert guidance in Sussex.

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Building trust with your chosen asbestos removal company in Sussex is essential. Feel secure knowing ClearGen Environmental Services prioritises the safety of your property, upholding our core values in every Sussex project.

A trustworthy team

At ClearGen Environmental Services, we embody unwavering professionalism and cultivate lasting customer bonds. With a collective industry experience of over 30 years, we stand as a dependable and seasoned option. Rest assured, we base our decisions on what best suits your home or business, customising our services to your precise needs.

All-encompassing services

ClearGen Environmental Services provides a spectrum of options, spanning from renovations to graffiti removal, ensuring exceptional service provision. Trust our holistic offerings to cater to all your requirements within a single source, potentially leading to cost-effective solutions compared to engaging multiple service providers.

Environmentally friendly

Choose us for personalised solutions that cater to your residential or commercial property, demonstrating a strong environmental focus. Our emphasis on eco-conscious practices ensures minimal chemical use, with a commitment to reducing our ecological footprint.

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Choose ClearGen Environmental Services for reliable asbestos removal in Sussex. Contact us at 0333 577 0535 or email Count on our unwavering commitment to reliability.