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Asbestos Removal London

Asbestos removal in London

The prospect of asbestos eradication can be daunting. However, with ClearGen Environmental Services in London, you can trust our team to effectively manage the situation. Through our comprehensive suite of environmental services, we strive to enhance the safety standards within properties in London. Rely on our safety-driven approach to ensure a seamless and efficient asbestos removal process. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in the meticulous and controlled removal of asbestos. If you require expert guidance and support, please feel free to contact us at 0333 577 0535.

Asbestos removal services in London: Our process

If you’re keen to kickstart the asbestos removal process in London, ClearGen Environmental Services is your go-to option. Here are all the crucial steps we take to ensure your health and peace of mind.


We encourage you connect with us at 0333 577 0535 or drop an email at Furnish us with insights about the asbestos within your premises, ideally accompanied by images of the site.


Through our meticulous preliminary assessments, we will identify and evaluate potential hazards at your property, ensuring that our team is fully prepared to handle the secure containment and removal of asbestos.


We will create a dedicated containment structure around the asbestos-impacted zone. For your safety during the fibre removal process, we may suggest a temporary exit from the building.


Via a combination of methods, our team will eliminate and secure the asbestos in your London property, placing the utmost importance on safety. Our comprehensive process ensures the eradication of any remaining fibres that may pose potential health risks.


Upon collection, ClearGen transports the asbestos to a designated transfer site, ensuring its responsible disposal. You will receive a waste consignment receipt for your records, which will be authorised by the transfer site.

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Prioritise your safety with ClearGen Environmental Services in London. Our meticulous asbestos removal guarantees protection for your residential or commercial space. Contact us at 0333 577 0535 or for a swift response.


Professional asbestos removal in London: Encapsulation

Commonly, asbestos is found in garage and roof areas, posing potential hazards. By choosing our asbestos roof removal and garage disposal services, you ensure a secure living space, preventing the release of harmful fibres. Encapsulation offers an alternative approach, utilising a rubberised paint to contain the asbestos, protecting the property in London. This affordable option serves as a secure alternative to complete removal, emphasising the safety of the building.

Our alternative services

ClearGen Environmental Services offers a complete range of environmental solutions, saving you the hassle of dealing with multiple companies. Benefit from our 30+ years of collective industry experience for superior services in London, including:

Environmental services we offer

Asbestos Removal London

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Our professionals will visit your site, assessing the requirements for securing your building. Call us at 0333 577 0535 or email for an asbestos removal quote and expert insights from our London team.

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Why to choose us

Ensuring trust in the company you choose for asbestos removal in London is crucial. Rest assured that your property is in secure hands with ClearGen Environmental Services, backed by our unwavering commitment to excellence.

A trustworthy team

We pride ourselves on unwavering professionalism and the development of strong customer connections. With an extensive industry presence exceeding 30 years, ClearGen Environmental Services represents a reliable and experienced choice. Trust us to make informed decisions that cater specifically to your residential or commercial property, tailoring our services accordingly.

All-encompassing services

Our repertoire at ClearGen Environmental Services encompasses an array of provisions, ranging from structure renovations to patio maintenance, delivered with unparallelled expertise. Rely on our inclusive services to fulfil all your requisites through a single source, potentially leading to cost savings compared to engaging multiple service providers.

Environmentally friendly

We prioritise eco-friendly methods, reserving chemical usage as a final solution for challenging situations. Our customised services cater to your residential or commercial property, always keeping environmental considerations at the forefront. Choose us for our dedication to minimising environmental impact in every project.

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For expert asbestos removal in London, rely on ClearGen Environmental Services. Contact our specialists at 0333 577 0535 or email We are your trusted experts.